Welcome to the second online meeting of the International Dermoscopy Society

Aimilios Lallas
President of IDS

Dear Colleagues, dear friends

With great pleasure I invite you to participate in the 2nd on-line meeting of the International Dermoscopy Society, to be held on 10-12 June 2022.

In the last 2 years, we all got used to the idea of on-line scientific meetings and gradually realized their potential strengths and weaknesses. Starting from the latter, we know now very well that no electronic platform can replace the dynamic in-person interaction and the impact of face-to-face discussions. On the other hand, on-line events significantly facilitate the attendance by colleagues located anywhere in the world, without the restrictions and costs associated with traveling. In addition, in a purely visual field like dermoscopy, the projection of high-quality images and visualization of features and structures might be better ensured via personal screens.

I strongly believe that our future will include both types of meetings, since they appear to be complementary rather than competitive, with each one serving better different goals.

This is precisely what we plan to do and why we decided to organize a high-quality on-line event this year, while consistently working on the preparation of the 6th World Congress of Dermoscopy to be held in Buenos Aires in 2024.

For this special on-line meeting, we prepared a brand-new format consisting of significantly fewer than usual lectures and many more than usual discussion panels and interactive sessions. And, of course, a lot of gaming, which effectively combines education with fun.

I want to thank all the people involved in the very demanding preparation of this meeting and our PCO, Triumph, for the professional support. I also thank very much our sponsors for their essential support. I especially thank the meeting presidents, Caterina Longo and Zoe Apalla, that took care of every single detail of this brand-new concept from a scientific and organizational perspective.

Above all, we thank all the IDS members and friends that embraced this new initiative and will take part in this 3-days virtual scientific trip.

I hope that you will enjoy it!